Find out a little about Zambia, one of two countries which share the spectactular Victoria Falls, with our fun facts for kids, and enjoy our printable activities and flags.

The spectacular Victoria Falls
The spectacular Victoria Falls and bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Fun Facts About Zambia

  • Zambia is a large landlocked country in central southern Africa, consisting of a high flat plateau with many rivers.
  • The Zambezi, one of the largest in Africa, feeds the magnificent Victoria Falls waterfall. The nearby town of Livingstone, is named after the famous missionary David Livingstone, who explored the region in 1851 when the country was part of the British Empire.
  • Most of the 13.5m people live in urban areas such as the capital Lusaka, leaving the rural regions a sparsely populated haven for wildlife. Elephants, lions and herds of antelope and zebra are popular sights for safari visitors in the National Parks whilst the rivers teem with crocodile and hippopotamus.

Zambia location map
You can print this Zambia location map here

  • Stone age settlement dates back to the beginning of civilisation. By the 12th century the Shona people inhabited the region and Portuguese settlers arrived in the 16th century.
  • Zambia gained independence in 1964 led by statesman Kenneth Kaunda, first President from 1964-1991.
  • In addition to tourism, Zambia is rich in minerals such as copper, which is exported around the world.

Crocodile spotted in the Zambezi River
Crocodile spotted in the Zambezi River

Flags and Other Printables

Zambia Flag Printables
Here is a collection of flag printables for the Zambian flag - including bookmarks, notebooking...
Zambia Worksheets
Here's a small collection of worksheets and maps to help with your study of Zambia.

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