Alphabet Playdough Mats


Playdough mats are such a fun way to help children learn their alphabets - whether it be upper case or lower case letter formation, or first letter sounds. Download our alphabet playdough mats by pack or individually as you work through the letters. Perhaps you could make playdough mats one part of your "letter of the week" activities, or start with your child's initial?

Alphabet Activity Playdough Mats
These colourful playdough mats are such fun for the kids. They help with lower case letter...
Alphabet Decorate the Letter Playdough Mats Lower Case
When learning letters, anything you do to help children remember how they are formed is useful -...
Alphabet Decorate the Letter Playdough Mats Upper Case
Work your way through the alphabet with your playdough beside you! It's a fun way to get...
Beginning Letter Playdough Mats
This useful set of playdough mats helps children who are beginning to sound out their letters and...

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Alphabet Tracing Pages

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