Button Tree


This is a lovely little sewing project and I think you'll agree that the finished result would be something anyone would be happy to display! Our button tree is coloured for autumn but you can of course adapt it for any season.

Button Tree

You will need:

Fabric for the background
Brown felt for the trunk and branches
Buttons in red, orange and yellow (or your own choice of colours)
Needle and thread (younger children could use fabric glue but it will not last as long)


Cut your fabric slightly larger than the embroidery frame and clip in place, stretching taut.

Button Tree 1 - fabric stretched tightly in the fram
Fabric stretched tightly in the frame

Cut a tree shape from the felt and sew (or glue) the tree to the centre of the fabric.  Make sure the metal part of the hoop is at the top!

Button Tree 2 - Our tree shape sewn to the fabric
Our tree shape sewn to the fabric

Button Tree 2 - Close-up of stitches
Close-up of little stitches

Arrange your buttons over the tree to form the leaves.  When you are happy with their placement, sew (or glue) into place.

Button Tree - Close-up of buttons
Close-up of buttons

Make sure the fabric is pulled taut and trim around the edge to remove the excess fabric.

Tie a loop of ribbon to the metal part of the hoop to hang up the picture.  Tie on a bow to hide the metal.


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