Activity Village offers a collection of Autumn activities to help you keep your kids busy as the nights get longer and the trees change colour! Scroll down to find crafts, puzzles and all sorts of printable activities that will help you keep your kids engaged and interested and having fun, both at school and at home.

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Autumn Colouring Pages
We celebrate all sorts of traditional autumn activities in our growing collection of autumn...
Autumn Crafts for Kids
Don't worry about the evenings getting longer - gather together your supplies and use the time...
Autumn Puzzles for Kids
As the days get longer you will need something to keep your kids occupied indoors. Here are some...
Autumn Learn to Draw Printables
Kids can have fun with these printables with which they can learn to draw Autumn pictures such as...
Autumn Acrostic Poem Printables
What makes Autumn / Fall special? Use these acrostic poem printables to compose and write out an...
Autumn Bookmarks
We've got three sets of Autumn bookmarks to print. The first, colourful set below prints 5 to a...
Autumn Lacing Cards
Here are some fun lacing cards for little ones, with an Autumn or Autumn animal theme. Just print...
Autumn Worksheets
Lots NEW! Make learning fun with our growing collection of autumn worksheets. We've got...
Autumn Scissor Activities
Practice those scissor skills with our fun cutting activities! We've got a selection here for...
Autumn Letter Printables
Spell out A-U-T-U-M-N and F-A-L-L with these full-sized letters, filled with pretty autumn designs...
Autumn Playdough Mats
Autumn is my favourite season and playdough mats one of my favourite printables to create, so I...
Autumn Posters
These posters might be fun in your displays or on your notice boards in Autumn. Choose from a...
Autumn Scrapbook Paper
Whether you use these fall scrapbook paper designs for scrapbooking or craft, we hope you will find...
Autumn Writing Frames
Perk up your autumn writing projects with these fun printable frames. Most are available in colour...
We've got a really fun collection of tracing pages for the kids with an autumn theme -...
Autumn Story Paper
Here's a new collection of free printable illustrated story paper to use with kids in the...
Autumn Writing Paper
Here we have a growing collection of Autumn / Fall writing paper that you can print and use with...
Autumn Templates
We've gathered together a collection of useful templates to use in your autumn crafts and...
More Autumn Printables
Here are some more fun Autumn printables for kids. They don't fit into our other categories but...
Autumn Games
We've got a printable game and an online game for kids to enjoy, with an Autumn theme. More...
Scarecrows Themed Activities for Kids
Enjoy our Scarecrows theme for kids with all sorts of scarecrow activities including colouring...

More Autumn Activities For Kids

Harvest Festival
A fun collection of activities themed specially for Harvest Festival - great for church, Sunday school and classroom.
Harvest Festival

Here are all our pumpkin activities - including colouring pages, worksheets, all sorts of printables and some fun crafts.

British Wildlife
Autumn is always a good time to embark on a British Wildlife topic, and we've got lots of ideas here:
British Wildlife

When we think of autumn, we think of hedgehogs! Explore our activities here:

Owls are often studied as a symbol of autumn with kids. We have a fabulous selection of owl activities to discover!

Squirrels always seem particularly busy in the autumn as they rush about connecting nuts and acorns to get ready for winter. They are a fun animal to study with the kids.

Why not have a look at our Acorn activities this autumn?


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