Cat Catching Mice


This traditional Chinese chase game can cause much screeching and excitement! Play outdoors - or indoors, if you have a large room. It is also known simply as "Cat and Mouse".

Cat catching mice

Age: Any

One child is chosen to be the Cat (the chaser) and one child is chosen to become the Mouse. All the other children form a circle, holding hands, with the Mouse inside and the Cat outside.

The children in the circle move around while calling out the following rhyme:

"What time is it?"

"Just struck nine."

"Is the cat at home?"

"He's about to dine."

When the rhyme stops, the children stop moving and the Cat starts to chase the Mouse, weaving in and out of the ring of children to do so. However, the Cat MUST follow the mouse's path. When he catches the Mouse he can enjoy pretending to "eat" him, and then two more children take a turn.


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