Christmas Lacing Cards

These free, printable Christmas Lacing Cards make a fun activity for young children during the holidays. Simply print, cut out, punch holes and give your child a shoelace or some wool to lace up! If you can laminate them, you'll be able to use them again and again. We have 3 lacing cards, and more coming soon.

Christmas penguin lacing card

Christmas Penguin Lacing Card

Our Christmas penguin is appropriately dressed for the holidays! Just print, cut out and punch holes around the edges for younger children to sew or lace.

Christmas puppy lacing card

Christmas Puppy Lacing Card

Here's an adorable Christmas puppy lacing card for your kids to enjoy. Just print, cut out and punch holes evenly around the outer edges.  Of course, you can laminate so that you can use repeatedly if you wish.

christmas snowman lacing card

Christmas Snowman Lacing Card

This lovely snowman makes a fun lacing or sewing card for kids. Just print, cut out carefully (you may want to lose the arms!) and punch holes around the edges.

Santa Claus lacing card

Santa Claus Lacing Card

Here's an original activity for Christmas - a Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) lacing card for younger kids!  

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Christmas Learn to Draw Printables

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