Holly Brooch Craft


Quick and simple to make out of basic craft supplies, this Christmas brooch is fun to wear or give! You could cut out the leaves in advance for younger children. Older children may prefer to sew the brooch, in which case small red beads or buttons could be substituted for the sequins.

Holly brooch

You will need:

Green felt
Badge pin/safety pin
Red sequins or buttons
Fabric glue (white glue will do)

Holly leaf template
Holly leaf template


Cut two holly leaves (if you need help use our template) and glue (or sew) them together overlapping slightly. If you sew them, you can pinch them slightly at the bottom to give the brooch a slightly 3d quality.

Glue on the sequins (or stitch on the beads or buttons).

When it is dry, glue (or sew) your brooch pin to the back. If you are using a safety pin, cut a small rectangle of felt and cover with fabric glue. Stick the side of the safety pin that doesn't open to the rectangle and then stick the rectangle to the back of the brooch.

Holly brooch back detail


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