We've got a collection of flag printables for Madagascar to print and enjoy with the kids. You can also learn a little about this fascinating country by reading our fun facts below.

Lemurs in Madagascar

A Little About Madagascar

  • The Republic of Madagascar is the fourth largest island nation in the world. It covers an area roughly the size of France, but with a third of the population.
  • Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean, to the east of Mauritius, about 400km from Mozambique and the African continent..
  • Madagascar was part of Gondwanaland, which split from Africa 135 million years ago, and then split from India 88 million years ago.
  • The capital city Antananarivo is home to over 1,300,000 people.
  • Madagascans, known as Malagasays, are part East African and part South East Asian, based on their DNa.
  • The main language, Malagasay, is similar to East Baritan spoken in Borneo, although French, Swahili and Arabic words are common.
  • The Great Reef is one of the world’s largest coral areas, stretching 450 km off Toilara on the east coast. It is threatened, sadly, by over fishing.
  • Madagascar is one of the world’s 10 poorest countries measured in GDP per capita. Up to 70% of the population subsist on less that $1 a day.             
  • It is the world’s top producer vanilla, which comes from orchids and a major supplier of sapphires.


  • As one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries, a vast array of unique plants and animals evolved due to the island’s isolation, with over 90% of animals and 80% of plants only found there.
  • Lemurs are the most famous native animal. There are around 100 species of lemur, considered the world’s most endangered mammals due to deforestation and hunting.
  • Madagscar is home to almost half the world’s 160 species of chameleon, which can change colour and have a long tongue which shoots out to catch food.
  • The Darwin’s Bark spider, discovered on the island in 2009, produces the world’s strongest biological material - ten times as strong as kevlar. Imagine being caught in a spider web that strong! It builds the largest orb webs in nature, up to 2.8 metres sq.

The Madagascar Flag

Flag of Madagascar

The flag of Madagascar features a white vertical band and red and green horizontal bands. These colours represent the Merina Kingdom and are also symbolic of the Malagasy people of Southeast Asia.

Our Madagascar Resources

Madagascar Flag Printable

Madagascar Flag Printable

There are four pages in this printable, each with a different size of the Madagascar flag, including some very small flags that are perfect for cupcake toppers!

Madagascar On Map Of Africa

Madagascar On Map Of Africa

Madagascar has quite an interesting location, as you can see from our handy map showing the continent of Africa.

Madagascar Worksheet

Madagascar Worksheet

This worksheet, aimed at younger children, asks them to find out and record a few interesting facts about Madagascar.

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