New Zealand

New Zealand is in the south-western Pacific ocean and consists of two larger mountainous islands, North Island and South Island, and various smaller islands.  The islands have much unusual wildlife not found anywhere else in the world, including flightless birds such as the endangered kiwi. The islands were first inhabited by the Maori people, who came from Polynesia around 1000 AD. The Dutch discovered the islands in the 1600s and named them New Zealand but they didn't settle; Captain James Cook brought the British to the islands in 1769.

New Zealand for kids

Kia Ora!

Fun fact: More people live in the city of Auckland on North Island than in the whole of the South Island!

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New Zealand's National Holiday

New Zealand kiwi and flag
New Zealand's national holiday is celebrated on 6th February and is called Waitangi Day. It's a good excuse for a visit to the beach or a concert, or to have a picnic or party! We've got some ideas here:
Waitangi Day

Maori warrior doing the Haka
A Maori warrior doing the Haka!

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