Shove Ha'Froggy Game


Just for fun, here's our froggy version of shove ha'penny, which the kids can make themselves!

Shove ha'froggy game

You will need:

Large sheet of blue card
Pink card
Felt pens

Draw a rectangle 28 by 20 cm. On each of the longest sides draw 5cm by 28cm rectangles and on one of the short sides draw a 5cm by 20cm rectangle (with flaps at the side) so you have a shape like this.

Shove ha'froggy game diagram

Draw a line every 4cm on the central rectangle to separate it into 7 sections. Number them 1-7.

Cut out some lilipads from pink card and glue onto the board. Number the 8,9,10.

Fold up the sides and glue the flaps into place.

To make the counters

Either print our pieces onto thick card or print onto paper and cut out and stick on to counters or pennies.

Frog counters
Frog counters

To play

Sit the box so that it lines up with the edge of a table top.

Place a counter over lapping the edge of the table. ‘Shove’ the frog counter over the table using the palm of your hand.

If it falls completely within a section you score the points for that section. Play continues until each player has had 4 turns.

The winner is the player with the highest total score.


For younger players score the number of points of the section into which the majority of the frog counter falls.


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