We've got all sorts of fun turkey themed activities for kids, including turkey colouring pages, printables and crafts. Perfect for Thanksgiving, of course, but also perhaps a farm animal or general farm topic.

Turkey theme for kids

Turkeys are a strange-looking bird! They are best known for being served as part of Thanksgiving dinner in the United States and Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom! There's a lot more to know about these funny birds though. Kids can learn a little about them and have fun with our turkey-themed activities.

Fun Facts About Turkeys

  • Turkeys are native to North America, and wild turkeys were nearly hunted to extinction in the 1900s. There are now around seven million wild turkeys in North America. Wild turkeys can fly, unlike domesticated turkeys.
  • Researchers believe turkeys evolved from a group of dinosaurs that included the T Rex!

Our Turkey Activities for Kids

Turkey Colouring Pages
Here is our original collection of turkey colouring pages for children, ready to print and enjoy...
Turkey Crafts
Here's a gobble of quick and easy turkey crafts to enjoy with the kids, for Thanksgiving or...
Turkey Printables
A fun collection of turkey printables for kids, including turkey poster and colouring pages, learn...
Turkey Worksheets
Just for fun, here is a collection of turkey worksheets for children that will brighten up your...
Life Cycle of a Turkey
Children can learn about the life cycle of a turkey here with the help of our collection of...

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Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids
Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

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