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Farm animals are a perennial favourite with young children, and feature prominently in games, learning activities and early literature. We have our own selection of Farm Animal activities here at Activity Village!

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Farm Animals at Activity Village

Farm Animal Colouring Pages
Farms and farm animals are an enduring theme with children, and we've got a great collection of...
Farm Animal Colour by Number
Here's a collection of fun farm animal colour by number pages. Two versions available - one UK...
Farm Animal Crafts
Farm animals are a classic "theme" with little children, so we decided to pull together...
Farm Animal Worksheets
Scroll down for our collection of farm animal worksheets for kids to use for fact-finding, research...
Farm Animal Puzzles
All young children seem to love farm animals - so we have created a collection of farm animal...
Farm Animal Printables
Farm animals are fun for kids, especially the little ones, and they enjoy having them around. We...
Learn to Draw Farm Animals
Here's something a little different! Children can learn to draw all their favourite farm...
Farm Animal Jokes
What did the philosopher pig say? Why did the silent chicken not have a job? Find the answers to...
Farm Animal Games
If you are doing a farm animals themed unit, visiting a children's farm, or just having some...
Farm Animal Babies
Looking at farms in the spring time when lots of baby animals are being born is a popular topic so...
Farm Animal Homes
Here's a brand new collection of colouring pages, posters and worksheets to help your children...

Farm Animal Videos to Enjoy

"On the Farm" - a counting song for children

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

Old MacDonald had a Farm

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

F is for Farm

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

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