Cornucopia Badge


Our badge is fun way to use up left over scraps of polymer clay and is a perfect craft for older children at Thanksgiving or Harvest time. The idea of a cornucopia is old-fashioned, but once they know the significance we think they will enjoy making their own to wear.

cornucopia badge

You will need:

Polymer clay (brown, yellow, green, red and blue)
Badge pin
Strong glue


Take a small piece of brown clay and roll to a thin sausage and twist. Take a larger piece of brown clay and flatten until it forms a rough circle about 1/16 inch thick and 2 inches in diameter. Roll this circle into a cone. Smooth over the join. Press the sausage twist that you made around the edge of the cone and curl the end into a cornucopia shape.

With the rest of your clay make small pieces of fruit ad vegetables to fill your cornucopia.

Bake the clay following the manufacturerÂ’s instructions. When the cornucopia is hard and cooled use strong glue to attach the badge pin to the back.!


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