Felt Candy Bag

Here is a cute idea for a Valentine's Day craft to do with your kids. Older kids will be able to produce a really pretty bag on their own; younger children may need some help, or you can adapt the craft to make it appropriate for their age.

Felt candy bag for Valentine's Day

You will need:

Red felt
Fabric glue
Large darning needle
Pink ribbon (two different widths)
Embellishments (sequins, gems etc)

Heart templates


Fold the felt in half and cut out a heart shape (use out templates if you need help).

Separate the felt so that you have two hearts. Thread some narrow ribbon through the needle and tie a knot in the end of the ribbon. Using the outside of the heart as a guide, sew a heart shape in the middle of one of the felt hearts. Use a dab of fabric glue to secure the end of the ribbon. It may help younger children if you draw the heart with chalk on to the fabric.

Use two lengths of wider ribbon to sew handles to both hearts. Tie the ends of the handles in knots to secure.

Glue the two hearts together with fabric glue, making sure that you leave an opening at the top of the bag. Older children may like to sew the pieces together.

Add some embellishments to the front of your bag. We used heart gems. Leave to dry and then fill with candy and enjoy.

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