Frog Door Hanger Craft


Our templates make it easy for kids to make this fun craft foam door hanger with a frog theme! Younger children will need help with cutting out some of the more intricate shapes, but will enjoy sticking on the pieces. Remember to do the front and the back of the door hanger, so that visitors will know whether they are welcome to come in!

You will need:

Blue craft foam
Light green craft foam
Dark green craft foam
Pink craft foam
Sticky foam letters
Wiggle eyes
Black pen
Frog door hanger template

Cut a rectangle from blue foam. Cut a circle out of the rectangle so it will fit over your door hanger.

From dark green foam cut a body show and from light green foam (use our template to help if you like).

Glue the body onto the blue rectangle so the back legs are at the top. Glue on the head and add the eyes.

Frog door hanger craft  Frog door hanger craft, back

With black pen draw on a mouth.

Use the foam letters to add a message.

From pink foam cut a lily pad and glue on to the back of the door hanger.

Add another message to the back of the door hanger using the sticky letters.


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