Imperial Crown Craft


Your child will feel like a real King or Queen when they have made their own imperial crown craft to wear!

Imperial crown

You will need:

Silver card
Silver sequins on a thread (from haberdashers)
PVA (white) glue
Purple tissue paper
Sticky tape


Cut a strip of card about 5cm wide and long enough to go around your head, with a few centimeters to spare. Cut two more strips of card, each about 3cm by 25cm. Glue strips of sequins along the card and leave to dry.

Cut a rectangle of purple tissue paper 20cm wide and the length of the long piece of card. Tape the tissue paper along the card. Join the ends of the card and tissue paper with tape. Scrunch the top of the tissue paper together and tape to secure.

Tape one of the short strips of card onto the inside of the headband. Bend over to the other side of the band and tape. Repeat with the other short strip. Wear proudly to your coronation!


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