Lovebug Card


Make this cute "lovebug card" out of many different sized heart shapes - fun for kids of all ages.

Lovebug card

You will need:

Sheet of pink card or construction paper
Paper hearts in different colours and 4 different sizes
Heart stickers
Glue stick


Fold your sheet of pink card or construction paper to form the card base.

Glue two large hearts point to point, sideways on the card. Glue two slightly smaller hearts just inside. These are your wings.

lovebug card instructions

Glue three small hearts in a line in the middle to form the body. Add a slightly larger heart to the top of the body for the head. Refer to the photo above for positioning.

Use pens to draw on the face and the antennas.

Finish off by adding stickers to the ends of the antennas and the wings.


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