Mummy Costume


A mummy costume is easy to put together and great fun for children, but it does have its downsides so think carefully before you agree to it!

Mummy costume

Temporary mummy costume:

Firstly, this kind of mummy costume can be a little on the uncomfortable and hot. And secondly, it isn't easy to get out of the costume fast, so if your little one is likely to need to visit the loo while dressed up, we suggest you give this one a miss and go for the permanent costume below!

Your child should wear long johns, comfortable trousers, sweatpants, tights or leggings in cream or white, and a simple, comfortable long sleeved top, ideally a roll-neck.

You will need rolls of gauze bandages - at least 2 or 3, perhaps more, depending on your child, how tight you wrap them, and the length of the bandages. You can also use an old sheet or cheap white cotton fabric. Snip into the hem or selvedge then tear lengths of fabric approximately 3 inches wide.

Now wrap your child up! Use different bandages for the torso and legs, and keep them as loose as you can. Leave a few ends hanging and sticking out for effect. Add a few bandages loosely round the head and whiten the face with makeup. A sprinkle of talcum powder in the hair is also effective.

Permanent mummy costume:

This costume requires a little sewing or hot-gluing and you will have to sacrifice the top and pants, but it is a good looking costume which your child will enjoy wearing.

You will need lots of white cotton fabric or an old sheet. For a mottled, aged effect you can die the sheet in a bath with a weak mixture of tea, if you like. Tear the fabric into strips about 3 inches wide.

Use long johns or white sweatpants and a long sleeved vest, white T-shirt or roll-neck top, as before. Starting at the bottom of one of the legs, loosely stitch the bandages on to the fabric, winding it around as you go. Make sure that the underlying fabric can still stretch as required for getting the clothes on and off! You can take quite big stitches as long as you begin and end each thread securely. Build up the bandages to cover the clothes, leaving odd bits hanging out for effect.

When your child is ready to dress up, put on the clothes and then add a few extra strips to link the top and bottom together and a few over the head.


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