Sock Owl Craft


This sock owl manages to be oh so cute and cuddly at the same time - and any child who makes this is sure to be thrilled with the result. Why not encourage the kids to make a whole parliament of owls and give some away to friends and family?

Sock Owl Craft

You will need:

Sock with contrasting heel colour/pattern
Felt scraps
Needle and thread
Fabric glue (optional


Cut the toe off the sock, using the photo below as a guide.

Sock owl detail 1

Fill the sock with rice.

Sew the top of the sock closed in a straight line, leaving the point free.

Sock owl detail 2

Cut a triangle from felt for the beak and sew to the point of the heel of the sock. Sew on buttons for eyes.

Sock owl detail 3

Fold down the point of the sock and sew or glue in place.

Cut two tear drop shapes from felt for the wings and stitch or glue to the sides of the body.

Now love your owl!


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