Valentine Holder


The Valentine Holder in the photo has been created for Valentine's Day, but you could obviously adapt this craft for other times of the year - perhaps for favourite birthday cards?

This Valentine Holder does a great job of keeping favourite Valentine cards in one place and making them extra special! We have made it somewhat over-sized so that it will cope with most cards and decorated with hand-sewing, ribbons and a name written in 3D paint. Obviously you can adapt the idea indefinitely and if you give the children a variety of materials and free reign they will come up with some wonderful ideas!

valentine holder craft

You will need:

2 pieces of felt, approximately 22cm x 25cm.
Additional scraps of felt
Scraps of ribbon, wool, embroidery thread
3D paint (optional)
Other embellishments as required
PVA (white) glue



Measure, mark and cut 2 rectangular pieces of felt for the body of the Valentine holder. Our rectangles measure 22cm x 25cm.

Decorate one of your rectangles for the front of the Valentine Holder. We used a large heart, sewn onto the rectangle by running stitch in colour-changing wool (yarn). On top of this we added a small rectangle of contrasting felt  on which Tilly had written her name in 3D craft paint. Use your imagination and whatever materials you have to hand!

Put the 2nd, backing rectangle down on some newspaper to protect the surface underneath it, and carefully glue around 3 edges with PVA glue, applying the glue relatively thickly. Drop the front, decorated rectangle on top, and press the edges down well to stick.

If you are keen on sewing, you may want to join the rectangles together with running stitch or blanket stitch instead of using glue (your Valentine Holder is bound to last longer this way!)

We further decorated our Valentine Holder by sticking a pretty ribbon around 3 edges. It was messy and sticky to do, but looks very pretty!


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