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A wolf pack
A wolf pack

Wolves are wild dogs, related to the dingo and coyote. They live in packs, ranging from 2 to 20 wolves, and usually hunt in packs too. They are excellent hunters and a wolf pack can bring down an animal as large as a moose or a yak.

Wolves were once very common throughout North America, Europe and the Far East. Now, however, they are rare and found only in part of Russia, North America and Eastern Europe.

Fun fact: A wolf can run as fast as 40 miles an hour (65 km an hour) at full speed.

Wolf cubs (pups) are tiny when they are born - just 1lb - and it is usually about 8 months before they are old enough to join the adult wolves in a hunt.

Cute wolf cubs
Cute wolf cubs

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What's the Time Mr Wolf?
What's the Time Mr Wolf

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Wolves in Stories

Of course there are some very well known fairy tales featuring wolves, including Little Red Riding Hood! The wolf also makes an appearance in Aesop's Fables and a number of moral stories, such as "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

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