Curling Board Game


Grab a dice, turn the printer on and discover how good you are at curling - board game style! Kids will be playing against a partner and scoring points, so there is some adding practice involved too. Please note - we've taken liberties with the rules of curling! The game is for 2 players.

Curling board game

You will need:

  • A die
  • Game board and counters (you might want to print 2 copies of the game board and cut the counters out of the second board; alternatively use 3 of your own counters for each player)
  • Paper and pencil to score

How to play:

  • Place your counters on the (blank) coloured squares.
  • Roll the dice to decide who goes first. The player with the highest number goes first.
  • Player 1 rolls the dice and moves a counter the number of spaces forward.
  • Play passes to player 2.
  • On each roll a player can choose to move any of their counters. They can only move one counter per turn, they can only move forward and they must move the full number of spaces shown on the dice.
  • If there are not enough places left on the track the counter is removed from play!
  • At any point the player can decide to end their round and not to roll the dice again.
  • When both players have chosen to stop rolling add up the scores.


  • Players score 3 points for a counter that is on the button (the circle), 2 points for a counter on a space touching the button (including diagonally) and 1 point for  a counter anywhere else on the board.
  • Play 4 rounds, alternating who goes first each time. The player who has the highest total at the end of four rounds is the winner.
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Curling board game


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