Felt Dolphin Bookmark


This adorable felt dolphin bookmark will make reading a joy for anyone who uses it. Children could make one as a gift for grandparents, parents, aunties, teachers...

Felt Dolphin Bookmark

You will need:

Large paper clip
Blue felt
Needle and thread
Small white or black button
Our dolphin bookmark template (below)


  • Fold the felt in half. Cut a dolphin shape so the tail sits along the fold. We have a template (below) to help you.
  • Open out the dolpin shape so that you can slip it through the paper clip, with the paper clip resting along the tail.  
  • Sew around the outline of the dolphin and along the bottom edge of the felt, at the top of the paperclip, so it stays in place.
  • Sew on a button for the dolphin's eye.

Our template printable is designed for a group so it comes complete with instructions. Print onto A4 and cut the page in two.

Dolphin bookmark template


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