Felt Pig Bookmark


This lovely little felt pig bookmark is perfect for a present or for kids to tuck inside their own reading book. We've provided printable templates and instructions to make it perfect for a group activity. Simple sewing needed! If you don't want to make a bookmark, sew a safety pin onto the back and make a little brooch / pin instead.

Felt Pig Bookmark

You will need:

  • Large paper clip
  • Pink felt
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Pink button
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Our template below


  • Cut 1 body and one head from pink felt.
  • Embroider, with running stitch, a curly tail near the top of one end of the body.

Felt pig bookmark

  • Slip the body through the paperclip.
  • Sew around the outside with one strand of embroidery thread.
  • Sew along the bottom at the top of the paperclip so it stays in place.
  • Sew a button on to the head as a snout.  
  • Glue the head to the body and glue on the eyes.
Pig bookmark template and instructions


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