Fruit Box Mayflower


We made this craft quickly from very few "ingredients" but it looks grand on display! It is the perfect size for a crew of Lego sailors, or a group of Lego pilgrims!

Fruit Box Mayflower

You will need:

Long card or plastic tub such as fruit comes in (ours is an apple box)
Brown paint (optional)
Lolly sticks
Sticky tack
White paper
Glue (optional)


  1. Paint the tub brown if needed.
  2. Use sticky tack to stand three lolly sticks upright inside the tub.
  3. Cut 3 rectangles from white paper.  You can glue the paper rectangles straight to the sticks for the sails, or fold them and cut small slits at the top and bottom for threading the sticks through.


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