Paper Plate Marbling Tree


This is a simple technique which involves a paper plate (one of our favourite crafting ingredients!) and lots of colourful paint. You will need some patience while the "tree" dries!

Paper Plate Marbling Tree

You will need:

Paper plate
Paint in autumn shades
Brown card (we used an old cardboard box)


Put a blob of four different autumn shades of paint in the middle of a paper plate.

Paper plate marbling tree - paint blobbed onto the plate
Blobs of paint on the plate

Using a fork, gently swirl the paint together.

Paper plate marbling tree - swirling the paint together
Swirling the paint with a fork

Tilt the plate so the paint runs around the plate.  Leave the plate to dry.

Paper plate marbling tree - tilt the plate
Tilting the plate

Paper plate marbling tree - leave the paint to dry
Ready! Leave the paint to dry

Cut the edges from the plate so that all that is left is covered in paint.

Cut a trunk and branches from brown card. You can use our photo above as a guide.

Glue the branches to the plate so that the colourful plate forms the leaves of the tree.


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