Paper Plate Rabbit Craft


Here's a fun paper plate rabbit craft to make with the children, fun for younger kids at Easter or Chinese New Year 2011 (Year of the Rabbit).

Paper plate rabbit craft for younger kids

You will need:

1 small paper plate
1 large paper plate
2 pink pompoms
Brown card
Pink paper


Paint the backs of the paper plates brown and leave to dry.

Glue the two plates together along the rim.

On one draw a face, glue on a pompom nose.

From brown card cut two long ears. Cut two smaller pink ears and glue them to the centre of the brown ears. glue to the back of the small plate.

From the brown card cut out two feet, a small one for the front and a large one for the back. Glue to the back of the large plate.

Finish by gluing on a pompom tail.

Paper plate rabbit - face painted on by Sam
Paper plate rabbit detail - face painted on by Sam .. isn't it great!


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