Valentine Card Collection Box

This is an easy craft for kids of all ages using supplies that you will have lying around your house. Of course you can adapt it to suit what you have at hand.

Valentine's Day card collection box

You will need:

An empty shoe box or other similar container
Wrapping paper, left-over wallpaper, or any large sheets of paper (we used plain white paper)
Stickers, stamps, paper scraps, sequins, beads etc to decorate.


Wrap your shoe box with wrapping paper or plain paper, gluing the top down carefully and using glue, sticky tape or even staples to secure the rest.

Carefully cut a slit in the top of the box, large enough to slide Valentine envelopes through. (An adult should do this).

Provide an assortment of stickers or scraps of paper, sequins, beads and glitter and a glue stick, and decorate the box!


For younger children, a white-covered box (prepared in advance) and brightly-coloured stickers provide a quick and easy (and clean!) craft activity.

Stamps, potato shapes or sponges and poster paint make a messier alternative!

Beautiful boxes can be made by older kids if you use an appropriate wrapping paper and highlight it with silver and gold gel pens, sequins, beads or 3D tube paint.

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