Origami Heart


An origami heart is fun to make all year round, but of course it is perfect for Valentine's Day too!

Origami Heart

  • Make one or more to decorate the front of a greetings card for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day
  • Stick the front flaps down with a little double-sided tape or glue, and use as a gift tag
  • Stick the front flaps down as before, this time sandwiching a loop of thread in place, so that you can hang your heart on the Christmas tree.
  • Make a heart mobile.
  • Make tiny hearts and use with other origami models (such as the dog, or teddy bear) to decorate a card, or make a sweet framed picture to hang - a perfect gift for an older child to make for a younger sibling or new arrival.
  • Tuck cards inside with names on to make cute place name holders for the table.
  • Hide a little photo inside
  • Use tape to attach to pencils to make fun pencil toppers
  • Stick down the flaps and attach a magnet - use to decorate the fridge.
  • Glue one or more to a strip of card to make a delightful bookmark - a perfect little gift.
  • Tuck a little Valentine's Day message inside

origami valentine

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Origami heart instructions


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