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Are you ready for the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan? The competition starts on 20th September and runs through to 2nd November, 20 countries take part and there will be exciting matches taking place all over Japan. It's a great time to be patriotic, wave your country's flag, get the kids involved and enjoy some fantastic sport!

The Rugby World Cup has been played every four years since 1987, but this is the first time that it will be held in Asia.

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20 countries take part in the Rugby World Cup. In the first stage, the 20 teams are divided into 4 pools, each with 5 teams. 10 games are played in each pool and teams are awarded 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 0 for losing. A bonus point is awarded if a team scores four or more tries in a game, or if a team loses by 7 points or less. At the end of the 10 matches, the top two teams in each pool move onto the quarter finals.

Click the links below to find out a few fun facts about each country and find a full set of flag printables and colouring page, as well as map, location and fact-finding worksheets.

Pool A:

Pool B:

Pool C:

Pool D:

Rugby World Cup Printables

Rugby World Cup 2015 Flag Printables
For each of the countries taking part in the Rugby World Cup 2010 in Japan this year, we have a...
Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Bookmarks
Coming Soon for 2019 Rugby World Cup!
Rugby World Cup 2015 Pool Booklets
Coming Soon! For each of the four pools in the Rugby World Cup, we've got one of our printable...
Rugby World Cup 2015 Worksheets
Learn about each of the 20 countries taking part in this year's Rugby World Cup in Japan, with...

The Web Ellis Cup

Webb Ellis cup
What does the winning team take home? The Web Ellis Cup! (photo courtesy of The cup is named after William Web Ellis, the 16 year old schoolboy from England's Rugby School, who supposedly invented rugby during a football training session in 1823, when he picked up the ball and ran with it!

It's not quite as grand as the Web Ellis Cup, but we have our own gold sports trophy which you can embellish.

Rugby Colouring Pages

Boys rugby team colouring page
We've got a huge collection of rugby colouring page featuring men, boys and girls. For many you can add your own (or your favourite team's) colours.
Rugby Colouring Pages

Rugby Crafts

Felt rugby ball craft
We've got some fun rugby crafts to enjoy during the Rugby World Cup - and of course they make great little gifts for rugby fans, too!
Rugby Crafts

Rugby Printables

Rugby Printables
All sorts of rugby printables to enjoy, suitable for the classroom or home. Try an acrostic poem, use our rugby writing paper, have a go at a jigsaw or design your own team kit! And more...
Rugby Printables

Rugby Worksheets

Rugby acrostic printable
Our collection of rugby themed worksheets - everything from simple tracing pages for younger children up to challenging maths worksheets.
Rugby Worksheets

Rugby Puzzles

Rugby Puzzles
Kids can try their hand at our rugby puzzles - perfect for accompanying a Rugby World Cup match or two!
Rugby Puzzles

This Year's Hosts

Use the excuse of the Rugby World Cup to learn a little about this year's host country - Japan!

Patriotic Flag Printables

England flag printables
20 countries take part in the Rugby World Cup, and we have flag printables (including 3 sizes of flags to use in your projects, flag colouring pages, flag bookmarks and flag notebooking pages and mini booklets) for all of them - everything you could need to support your team!
Flag Printables

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