Flags of the Commonwealth

There are currently 53 countries in the Commonwealth - some small, some large, but all with an equal say. As you can see from the printables here, the flags come in all shapes and colours too!

Mixed Flag Printables

Commonwealth Flag Bunting

Commonwealth Flag Bunting

You will find all 53 Commonwealth countries' flags in this printable set of mini flag bunting. We've designed each flag with a flap to fold over a ribbon - and on the flap we've written the country's name, so that you can i) remember and ii) test yourself!

Commonwealth Flag Matching Game - Flash Cards

Commonwealth Flag Matching Game - Flash Cards

Can you identify the flags of all 53 countries of the Commonwealth? Here's a flag matching game that will help you find out! Either cut out each "card" individually and then match flag to country name, or make flash cards.

Flags of the Commonwealth - Cocktail Stick Size

Flags of the Commonwealth - Cocktail Stick Size

These cute mini flags be used in so many ways. Glue them to cocktail sticks (using our handy tabs with the name of the country on them). Hang them from a length of string or wool as miniature bunting. Decorate your books - or your dolls house! This file is up to date as at March 2018.

Large Printable Flags of the Commonwealth Countries

Large Printable Flags of the Commonwealth Countries

We've included all the flags of the Commonwealth countries - plus the Commonwealth flag - in this one pdf file. There is a clickable index which makes it ultra-quick to find and print exactly the flag you want!

Individual Flag Printables

Antigua and Barbuda flag printable
Antigua and Barbuda flag printables

Australia flag printable
Australia flag printables

Bahamas flag printable
Bahamas flag printables

Bangladesh flag printable
Bangladesh flag printables

Barbados flag printable
Barbados flag printables

Belize flag printable
Belize flag printables

Botswana flag printable
Botswana flag printables

Brunei flag printable
Brunei Darussalam flag printables

Cameroon flag printable
Cameroon flag printables

Canada flag printable
Canada flag printables

Cyprus flag printable
Cyprus flag printables

Dominica flag printable
Dominica flag printables

Fiji flag printable
Fiji flag printables

The Gambia flag printable
The Gambia flag printables

Ghana flag printable
Ghana flag printables

Grenada flag printable
Grenada flag printables

Guyana flag printable
Guyana flag printables

India flag printable
India flag printables

Jamaica flag printable
Jamaica flag printables

Kenya flag printable
Kenya flag printables

Kiribati flag printable
Kiribati flag printables

Lesotho flag printable
Lesotho flag printables

Malawi flag printable
Malawi flag printables

Malaysia flag printable
Malaysia flag printables

Malta flag printable
Malta flag printables

Mauritius flag printable
Mauritius flag printables

Mozambique flag printable
Mozambique flag printables

Namibia flag printable
Namibia flag printables

Nauru flag printable
Nauru flag printables

New Zealand flag printable
New Zealand flag printables

Nigeria flag printable
Nigeria flag printables

Pakistan flag printable
Pakistan flag printables

Papua New Guinea flag printable
Papua New Guinea flag printables

Rwanda flag printable
Rwanda flag printables

Saint Kitts and Nevis flag printable
Saint Kitts and Nevis flag printables

St Lucia flag printable
St Lucia flag printables

St Vincent and the Grenadines flag printable
St Vincent and the Grenadines flag printables

Samoa flag printable
Samoa flag printables

Seychelles flag printable
Seychelles flag printables

Sierra Leone flag printable
Sierra Leone flag printables

Singapore flag printable
Singapore flag printables

Solomon Islands flag printable
Solomon Islands flag printables

South Africa flag printable
South Africa flag printables

Sri Lanka flag printable
Sri Lanka flag printables

Swaziland flag printable
Swaziland flag printables

Tanzania flag printable
Tanzania flag printables

Tonga flag printable
Tonga flag printables

Trinidad and Tobago flag printable
Trinidad and Tobago flag printables

Tuvalu flag printable
Tuvalu flag printables

Uganda flag printable
Uganda flag printables

United Kingdom flag printable
United Kingdom flag printables

Vanuatu flag printable
Vanuatu flag printables

Zambia flag printable
Zambia flag printables

And for the Commonwealth Flag...

Commonwealth Flag Printables
Commonwealth Flag Printables

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